Vernon County, MO
Address Conversion Reference
Published: 10-27-2008
Last Updated: 01-21-2010

Address Selection
    1.  Which post office delivers mail to your location?   
    2.  Find your location's current address.  (sorted alphabetically NOT numerically)

NOTE:  If you live inside the city limits of Nevada, Sheldon, or Walker.  These three cities already have existing street addressing and are not currently subject to change.

If your address does not appear in the conversion chart please contact us at 911 Addressing, and we will be glad to help you.  This will happen if you have never had a mailing address, get mail ONLY from a PO Box, or we were unable to locate you.  Additionally these locations will be notified via "Door Hanger".  Whereas addresses within this list will be notified via "Mailer".

Before you use your address:
1.  Clearly label your mailbox with your new 911 address number. This will help your postal carriers.
2.  If your mailbox is not directly in front of your house OR is in a cluster with other mailboxes, clearly label your HOUSE or DRIVEWAY with your new 911 address number. This helps emergency personnel locate you should the need arise.
3.  Check your road name.  Private roads that have multiple dwellings, and/or are longer than a quartermile, and/or otherwise do not allow clear visibility of a dwelling are-or-will-be assigned addressing names and numbers as well.  If you think your "streetname" is incorrect or does not yet have a sign please contact us at the link provided above.

Additional 911 addressing information can also be found using the following Link.
New Mailing Address Official 911 Address
Mailing Address101 W. FOURTH ST
Mailing CityBRONAUGH
Mailing StateMO
Mailing Zipcode64728
911 Address101 W. FOURTH ST
911 CommunityBRONAUGH
911 StateMO
911 Zipcode64728
NOTE:  You have until December 31, 2009 to use both your old address and new one.  This is to allow adequate time to change over.  Come January 01, 2010 only the new address will be recognized.  Use this time wisely, do NOT wait until the last minute to change.

Why 2 addresses? The Mailing Address is assigned based on the Post Office that delivers your mail. The 911 Address is assigned based on your actual location and is used by the 911 system, emergency response crews, and utility companies. These two addresses are the same within incorporated cities. But City is replaced by Vernon County in rural areas.

Note:  Due to privacy and turnover issues, we cannot supply names of "Current Resident" online.  The information provided is for ease of address conversion.  Use is intended for residents seeking their new addresses and/or those already maintaining addressing information who need a reference tool.  Organizations updating their databases should verify changes with residents prior to usage.  Per Sunshine Laws; "Printed Conversion Lists" with names of residents are available for purchase at $45 from the Treasurers Office..